This shot was taken with my cell phone.

Our Cat Rosie

Rosie was about two years old when she came into our lives a couple of months after we lost our beloved Stinkerbell to feline leukemia. We chose Rosie from the many rescued cats at the local Humane Society. While she is nothing like Stinkerbell, we have grown to love her just as much. She is quirky and doesn't like to be held. She'll struggle like a two-year-old that wants down yet she'll jump up in my lap while I'm watching TV or curl up on the foot of our bed and sleep with us all night. She LOVES to sit in boxes, baskets or bags so I have snapped a few pictures to share. Rosie can be quite entertaining!

Baby Gifts
Baby Gifts

That's me sitting in my dad's recycle bin under his desk. Think he'll notice?


I hope they ship me somewhere exotic!


Can't a girl get any privacy?


Relaxing by the pool.


I think it's time to go on a diet!


"Hiding" in my Mom's temporary recycle box.


Sure looks like me!

Don't I look comfy?

Sometimes when she's not looking, I like to lay on my mom's new fabric before she washes it!


I woke up with a stiff neck after this nap.

You never know what you'll find at Wal-Mart!

Where's the *#*%$@ beef???!!!


WOW, a paper bag, 50 lbs of catnip and a fake mouse! I'm in heaven!!

I sure would like to come inside...

I promise I'll be good.

Romping with my catnip mouse my mom made for me. She must really love me!